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Guðrún Helga Bjarnadóttir


"Gudrun Helga gave us a unique look at Iceland. Not just the amazing waterfalls, fjords, puffins, hot springs, and glaciers, but the life of Iceland people. In every location she had apt stories to t..."

- Brian Landsberg

Erla Þórdís Traustadóttir


"Erla did with us the Glymur hike, which was definitely one of our highlights during our stay in Iceland. She is a super friendly and knowledgeable guide. Erla answered all our questions and you could ..."

- Julia Koblischke

Rajeev Ayer


"I just got back from a group trip to Iceland and our guide for the weeks activities was Rajeev. The trip was an amazing success and a large part of that can be attributed to his skills and knowledge o..."

- Elizabeth OMalley

Örvar Már Kristinsson


"Highly recommend Örvar as your guide if you want to know about Opera and music in Iceland or art in general . Super nice guy that is a seemingly endless fountain of information. Book him for your nex..."

- Haukur Jónsson

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@finnsson’s favorite places around Iceland

A city boy from the country side! Being from the north part of Iceland, living in the city, I need to get out to the country side as often as possible.


Námafjall Hverir, Geothermal Area

The Námafjall Hverir Geothermal Area is a place you must visit when traveling northeast Iceland! Námafjall is the name of the mountain that watches over the Hverir area.



Eskifjörður (in original Icelandic spelling), or also Eskifjördur, is a town and port in eastern Iceland with a large fishing industry. It has a population of 1,043 and constitutes one of the most populated small town part of...