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Erla Þórdís Traustadóttir


Off the beaten track tours with experienced passionate guides trying to make your memory of Iceland unforgettable. We love the outdoors just as much as you do. Hiking is our passion and we would love to show you our favorite spots! We are an adventure company focusing on small group tours with a variety of activities in and around Iceland. All the guides have been studying to become licensed hiking guides and have a minibus license. My name is Erla Thordis, I am the CEO of Fjallhalla Adventurers. Hiking has always been an interest of mine, but what stopped me for so many years was maybe immaturity and insecurity. My mother then brought me with her on an adventure that was a game changer. The project was called ‘52 Mountains in One Year’. Sounds extreme doesn't it? Needless to say I got hooked! It wasn’t all smooth sailing however, 8 out of these 12 months we had bad weather. In Iceland this means rain and snow with wind sometimes exceeding more than 35 m/s! We learned the hard way what real outdoor clothing was... NO COTTON! No "waterproof" shell can hold intense 35 m/s wind and driving rain for many hours, this is just a fact. That is unless you are wearing an unbreathable raincoat that makes you just as wet on the inside as you are on the outside. What kept us alive was staying on the move, having enough to eat and drink, following a very experienced guide and most importantly, wearing Icelandic wool! Reaching the summit after going through such an ordeal is one of the most gratifying rewards you will ever get, even if it’s a touch foggy at the top! Looking back on it now, I can definitely say that my time spent in the outdoor club was the launch pad for me to found Fjallhalla in 2014, obtain the minibus licence in 2015 and then finally claim the hiking guide license. After meeting my boyfriend in November 2016, I decided to make the move to the countryside in March 2017. Since then I have asked him to join me on a hike every day! I consider myself so fortunate to live right at the doorstep of such incredible nature, something that only centuries of harsh weather and active ground could possibly create. It is the perfect location for an adventure company and I look forward to see my baby grow big. . . . Check out for availability.

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Selfoss is a town in southern Iceland on the banks of the Ölfusá river. It is a part of, and the seat, of the municipality of Árborg. The Icelandic Ring Road (Icelandic: Hringvegur) runs through the town on its way between Hveragerði and Hella. The town i...


Reykjavík is the capital and largest city of Iceland. It has a latitude of 64°08' N, making it the world's northernmost capital of a sovereign state. It is located in southwestern Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxa Bay. With a population of around 130...


Laugarvatn is a lake and small town in the south of Iceland. The lake is a bit smaller than the neighbouring Apavatn. Laugarvatn lies within the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route, and acts as a staging post. The town has a population of about 200, a...