Garðabær is a growing town in the Capital Region. Garðabær is the sixth largest town in Iceland with a population of 13,872 (Sept 1, 2013).

The site of Garðabær has been inhabited since Iceland was first settled in the 9th century. Landnámabók, the Book of Settlement, tells of two farms on the site of Garðabær: Vífilsstaðir and Skúlastaðir. The former was named after Vífill, who was a slave of Ingólfur Arnarson, the first settler of Iceland. Ingólfur gave Vífill his freedom and he made his home at Vífilsstaðir.

Fun facts:
-The only IKEA store in Iceland is located in Garðabær.

-380 studios, the TV studio for the children's television programmes LazyTown and LazyTown Extra and the headquarters for Lazytown Entertainment, is located in the town.

-Musicians from Garðabær include members of Of Monsters and Men, Mínus, Dikta and Ourlives.

Local Experts for Garðabær

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