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This is what’s new for tour operators.

We know that time is money and you need to manage tons of attributes for every tour, every day. We have been helping tour operators connect with tour guides for over a year now and we have seen a pattern in the way our clients are using our solution. Based on that, and feedback from our users, we have implemented new innovative and time saving solutions to make your life easier.

Solutions such as:

  • logos-importConnect your existing Google calendar  with SmartGuide and get an overview over your whole day, week or even month, within SmartGuide.
  • Connect the Bókun booking software directly to SmartGuide and see all your tours from the calendar view in SmartGuide
  • Connect the TrekkSoft booking software directly to SmartGuide
    and see all your tours from the calendar view in SmartGuide
  • Assign guides directly from the calendar view and see what tours have a guide assigned and which ones you need to assign a guide to.
  • Send a pickup/passenger list directly to the guide with one click

On top of these new features we are of course the only interactive tour guide database in Iceland with over 600 guides (and growing) available with just a few clicks.

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Skiing in Akureyri – Hlíðarfjall

Akureyri is a so called, winter paradise, in the north of Iceland! When visiting Akureyri in the winter time and wanting to feel the adrenaline kick in, we recommend taking a trip to Hlíðarfjall for a ski trip, it’s in a short distance from the town, which is a big plus. The mountain is great for people at all ages, so it’s an ideal place to bring the whole family! We get to choose from 24 different slopes marked by colors after difficulties, from beginners slopes to very difficult ones.

There is no reasons that should prevent visiting Hlíðarfjall, all you need is warm clothing, since it’s possible to rent all equipment that’s needed, ski and snowboards! They even offer free helmets for their customers. Skiing is a great way to exercise in the winter time or a way to meet new people and have a blast!




In 1912 a Danish woman, Anna Katharine Schiöth founded the Arctic Botanical Garden (Lystigarðurinn) in Akureyri, honoring womens leadership. Her daughter in law, Margarethe Schiöth took over the garden and made it famous, or so it say’s on a statue of her in the garden. The garden is now owned by Akureyri, but it’s the first public park in Iceland. It is filled with beauty! Statues, water fountains, ponds and thousands of plants, or around 450 icelandic once and 6000 of foreign origin.

The colorful flowers make the visit so adventurous, we recommend taking a little break from reality and give yourselfs an hour or two, to just enjoy the environment. This is a wonderful place for peaceful walks and to experience the stunning beauty that our planet has to offer! Free entrance and always open. Sounds good right?

There’s also a hidden gem in the garden. A coffee-shop called Café Laut, which opened in the year 2012. The astonishing architecture of the Café is a good enough reason to pay a visit!


In the years 1850-1914, thousands of Icelanders immigrated to North America

In the years 1850-1914, thousands of Icelanders immigrated to North America because of climatic, social and economic situation in Iceland. The Icelandic Emigration Center, is a place where you can learn all about the fascinating story of how Icelanders left their homes in search for a better life in a new land.


What we think is so amazing about the center is how diverse it is. Visitors are able to read the stories of the emigration in a setup where the stories are brought to life, which is what makes this such a great experience, see hundreds of photographs of the Icelandic emigrants and so much more. One amazing thing about the center is that they provide genealogical informations service. Since almost one fifth of the Icelandic nation emigrated to America, many Icelanders have relatives there. In many cases the staff has helped restore contact between relatives generations after it had been lost.

They offer 4 different exhibitions in three separate buildings, located by the harbour. The houses are old fashioned and neat, they surely bring the village it’s class. The service is also professional and friendly, it’s so nice to be welcomed with a smile from the staff at the center who are determined to make every visitor enjoy their visit as much as possible.

Yes, we really recommend visiting the Icelandic emigration center. It’s such a wonderful way to learn new things!